As I near the release of my novella The Handsome Devil (actually, it’s out on Smashwords, but that’s kind of my mistake, oh welll…) I have come to the conclusion that I need a new domain and a new place. is great, but with my projected release schedule, I needed something more robust and as I anticipate releasing YA novels under a different name, I needed a space where I can share all my books under one domain as opposed to farming out different pennames to different sites. (also, because I’m too lazy to update two websites)

So, this is farewell! You can find my site here at

See you there!

Updates and an excerpt from THD

A bit of exciting news, but not so good news for me.

I’m still waiting to get line edits for THE HANDSOME DEVIL, blarghy blargh blargh. I don’t think it’ll be extensive as I went through a hell of a lot of edits myself before handing it over to my editor. Still, that’ll push back my admittedly ambitious release date to at least another few weeks. I’m a silly billy for having to change my release dates AGAIN.

However, nothing is waiting for me as far as THE HANDSOME DEVIL is concerned, so that’s good. I can put it away for someone else to deal with, while I work on my next project, which is ASURA NIGHT, and this one is already in revisions. I’d love to be able to get it sent over for substantiative edits by Sunday, something that is very possible. I’m looking at a mid-February release, hopefully, once one factors in line edits and proofing.

Anyways, as far as life goes, the end of the year 2015 draws near and I’m looking back at this year.

In one word, it was… interesting.

Not a lot of progress as far as publishing goes, but I did a lot of thinking about my writing future and what I’d like to accomplish in 2016. I had to let go of extracurricular crap, such as singing and drawing because I can’t continue to split my attentions between three and expect to get anywhere anytime soon. A little disappointing, but there it is. But, I know what I’m doing next year, so that’s good. Not having plans is a nightmare for me.

In 2016, I promised myself several things:

1. Work at least 5-6 hours on writing/publishing Monday-Saturday (and probably Sunday, too).
2. Read a new book at least once a week. (You have no idea how hard this is for me nowadays, loool)
3. Travel every season. My winter trip for 2016 will be Korea, and my spring trip will be Japan. Summer and fall are up for debate. Summer might be Chicago and maybe fall will be Korea again for Chuseok.
4. Exercise an hour a day.
5. Eat out only 3 times a week (again, this is hard to do for me!)
6. More publicity and more networking!

In 2016, I promise to release the following projects:


All but #6 are in various stages of revisions. After not releasing anything substantial in the past two years, having next year see so many releases is more than a little daunting, but I’m hoping it will pay off.

So… before I go, allow me to post up the beginning pages of THE HANDSOME DEVIL, coming to you very soon!

The opening scene from THE HANDSOME DEVIL (c) Fionn Jameson 2015

“Ooh! Oh! Ah, yes! Don’t stop… don’t stop!”

People say you can get used to anything.

But have they’ve ever had to hear their bosses doing the nasty for the third time in as many hours?

It’s been two years since I was hired and my face still turned red every time Mr. Abe and Aimi mashed their privates together.

I think I’ve been in a state of perpetual blush for the past six hundred days.

My desk sat ten meters away in another office, a heavy oak door between us (closed), but I still heard Hiroyuki Abe, the foreign marketing manager, and Aimi Tanaka, his secretary, screwing away on his mahogany desk.

No one else knew.

I was the only employee privy to their “meetings” and I kept my mouth shut. I couldn’t lose my job, and to be honest, I didn’t care what they did.

Except I wished earplugs at work would’ve been a godsend.

Too bad my job involved answering the phone, so wearing earplugs was just wishful thinking.

Why did I continue to work with such crazy sex rabbits? Easy. The pair were so busy fucking, they left me alone.

Other employees struggled to complete their tasks with impossible deadlines and to appease customers impossible to please. I worked at my own pace, without the terror and stress of having a supervisor looking over my shoulder.
Mostly because my supervisors were too busy fucking each other.

Working for Shokogan Publishing was a dream for many seeking to enter the publishing world, and most everyone here likened the company to Purgatory.
Once you traversed all the various levels of Hell (the tiny cubicles and computers constantly on the fritz), you can find Elysium, in the form of your own office with a view and your own secretary.

People would kill for that honor.

I didn’t have such ambitions. Others wandered the marble hallways dreaming of working with the next Haruki Murakami or Banana Yoshimoto.

Not me. I was just Rika Hasegawa, junior secretary, quiet and unassuming, carrying a tattered messenger bag stuffed with dogeared paperbacks.

I loved the written word.

If I had my way, I’d never pay for another book again.

My hands are freezing.


O, the weather outside is frightful…

By the way, that picture was taken in Liverpool and I couldn’t be any farther away from Liverpool than I am now, but it’s just as cold here as it was when that picture was taken, I’m sure.

Anyways…so some new updates.

I’ve redesigned the covers for the Blood Martyr series. Made them more consistent as far as branding goes, made them seem more alike, but still different at the same time. I’ve redesigned the covers for Her Wicked Kiss, Waiting for Darkness and Bite. I’ll probably be working on Wolves and Brimstone and Dark Moon Rising, but not at the moment, because I’ve got something bigger to deal with.

I’ve gotten the comprehensive edits back for The Handsome Devil, so I’ll be spending this weekend working on implementing the said edits. I’ll be sending it in for line edits by Monday, have it back by the 25 and then to the proofers by the 27, finishing with final edits by the 30th.

So, this’ll be a busy next two weeks for me. To be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to it. A lot of times I’ve forgotten it’s Christmas coming soon.

O, presents for the family? Why yes, I’m getting right on that… … …


New Release Updates


“keeping this small because I don’t want to release any spoilers regarding ASURA NIGHT’s plot :D”

What I’m working on right now:

Yes, I’m working on edits for ASURA NIGHT and I’m hoping to get it finished by the end of this week. The fact that I’m still on chapter 4 today and I’ve got 14-15 more to go by Sunday is a little daunting, but I think I can do it. Apparently, thinking you can do something helps you actually accomplish that task, but I’m pretty sure they never took me and my inherent laziness in account.

Anyways…some release news.

THE HANDSOME DEVIL is off to its editor and I’m supposed to see edits back by 19th. At that point, I’ll be putting off everything else to implement those edits and hoping I can get it to my proofers by the 25th. The story is only about 20k, so I’m hoping they can get it back to me by the 27th, leaving me 3 days to fix everything before THE HANDSOME DEVIL is available to the general public.

Anyways, let’s talk about my future releases, as far as ASURA NIGHT and RAZING HELL goes. I’m going to push back their release dates for 2 reasons.

#1: I want to stagger my releases, as opposed to releasing everything all at once, especially since THE HANDSOME DEVIL and ASURA NIGHT, while both set in Tokyo, are in two completely different universes and genres.

#2: I want to have a little more time with ASURA NIGHT, as far as editing goes. I could get it finished by the 31st, but I don’t want to be miserable for the next two weeks, so this is, in a big part, for my sanity and general happiness.

So new release dates are as follows:


DARK MOON RISING…not entirely sure. I have the tentative release date set for 10th of February, but I really don’t see that happening. I’m still working on the first draft of that, and I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be able to get back to it in the next month or so.

Busy, busy, busy. 2016, I’m hoping, will be a very busy year for me as far as new releases go, but then again 2016 is the future and who knows what the future may bring?

Not I, said the fly.

I fail as a writer.

Okay, so the title might be a tad bit melodramatic, but I think it sums up my situation quite well.

Right now, as of this moment, I fail as a writer. Completely. Totally. Absolutely.

There are some things that people who consider themselves writers ought to do.

They write, hopefully everyday. They actively try/attempt to improve their craft. They meet with, even if it’s just once a year, with other writers and talk craft. They read. OMG, do they read. And they read just about everything they can get their hands on. Well, they’re supposed to.

And this is where my failure comes in.

As the year comes to a close and I make notes on what I achieved this past year and make plans on what I’d like to achieve the coming year, I try to remember the books that have influenced me in this past year.

A lot of books come in mind. SUPER STRUCTURE by James Scott Bell  (actually, everything by this particular gentleman was an eye-opener). 5000 WORDS PER HOUR and LIFELONG WRITING HABIT by Chris Fox. THE LIAR’S BIBLE by Lawrence Block. NAIL YOUR NOVEL by Roz Morris. According to my book purchases, most of them have to do with time-management, motivation and outlining, which tells me what I think my weaknesses are. Apparently, I don’t think I have any problems with dialogue or characterization because I haven’t purchased any craft books specializing in those  areas of fiction writing.

I bought over 100 books on writing craft for the year of 2015. What shocked me and scared me more than a little was the fact that I only bought 2 fiction books and both of them were books I had read before in paperback form and wanted on my Kindle.

Which means that I have not finished a single new fiction book this whole of 2015.

This is terrifying.

I am a fiction writer and yet I have not read a single book by another writer this WHOLE YEAR.

Holy moly.

I remember something a great writer said a while ago. Something about how he read voraciously, just about consumed everything he could get his hands on, that only in this way could he truly improve his craft, learn to tell what was good from the bad, etc etc etc.

You know, he’s right. As writers, we cannot afford to stay locked up our proverbial fortresses of solitude (read: our minds and writing worlds) and not go out and take a vacation somewhere.

To Ankh-Morpork. Narnia. Middle Earth.

Doesn’t matter where as long as you get somewhere. We writers cannot stay in our worlds for too long. If we want to stay sharp, on our toes, literate, compassionate, willing to learn, we have to dip our toes in other places and embrace their traditions entirely.

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer, in Centennial City for way too long.

So right now, I am packing my bags for a trip to Preston and Child’s Pendergast world, a dangerous world to be sure, but one that is sure to keep me interested and teach me a thing or two, or even a hundred.

You never know, right?



What I’m working on!


DARK MOON RISING is currently on hiatus right now. But don’t take that as a sign that I have been a lazy-McLazerton.

Actually, I’ve been preparing for my two future releases, THE HANDSOME DEVIL and ASURA NIGHT. THE HANDSOME DEVIL will be going to an editor on the 5th and ASURA NIGHT will be going to another editor at the end of this week, so I’ve been working on revising them and trying to make the editing work less terrifying for my editors.

In other news, it’s December now! One more month until 2016. I’ll be writing an end of the year blog within the next few weeks, as well as a 2016 plan that I will (hopefully) be able to follow.  My goal for this week will not only be getting my drafts over their respective parties, is to come up with a realistic yet slightly optimistic plan for 2016, which will be future release dates and projects I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish next year. It would be great if I could release something new every month starting next year, but for now, I think I’ll just take it one month at a time.

Also, another news, I know I said in a previous entry not too long ago that I wasn’t planning on taking a plane any time soon, but I just booked a ticket to Korea for the Lunar New Year. So yeah. I will be gone from the 1st of February to the 12th and will be back in China for my birthday on the 13th.

And you know what’s weird? Even though I’m shuddering about the fact that I’ll be crawling back into a plane, I’m still super excited to spend the holidays with my family in Korea, and if it means I have to spend two hours in a flying machine, then so be it.

Too bad Leonardo Da Vinci is dead. I bet he’d get a kick out of all this technology around us :)

I hate traveling.

So…I am back from my trip to Seattle (had a family wedding that I could not miss). 48 hours of travel, 48 hours of actually being in the US. Needless to say, I am utterly exhausted, but glad to be home. The way back from Seattle to Shanghai, the plane went through some of the worst turbulence I had ever experienced. Usually I’m a pretty chill flyer, but it woke me up and pretty much kept me up for the entire 12 hour flight. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to get on another plane for the next few months, something I am not planning on, so that’s good.

Anyways, I was compiling a list of WIPs that are between 50%-100% complete as far as the 1st draft goes, and the list is kind of intimidating. I’ve got so many unfinished/half finished manuscripts lingering on my hard drive, I know I’m not going to write them all before I die, but I’d certainly like to give it a shot. I’d like to get these 11 projects off my hard drive and into the world within the next two years.

Speaking of new books, I managed to find a very nice editor who will be working on a new project of mine, a steamy contemporary novella, of which the sequel is already about 40% written, and with her finish dates, finding proofers, final edits, I’m really hoping to get this particular book out by the end of December. It’s a bit of a departure from my regular writing, but I enjoyed writing something kind of ordinary and normal for a change of pace.

More news on that in the next few weeks as I get my edits back and hear back from my proofers.

As far as DARK MOON RISING goes, I’m still writing it, still plugging away. This is by far the most ambitious book I’ve taken on, and am writing the first draft using various methods; transcribing, dictating, long-hand, typing, etc. I thought I was going to get the 1st draft completed by the end of this month, but that obviously isn’t going to happen. At this point, I’d be happy to get it finished before the end of the year, but who knows? Right now, it’s the only project I’m working on, at least until I get edits back from my editor for the contemporary novella.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post more updates, but lately, it’s all been “Still writing” which I guess is a good thing. Boring, though.

In other news, I’m rewatching Supernatural from Season 1 and I forgot how much I enjoyed this show.

Future Releases…soon?

I must be sitting in the only Starbucks that doesn’t have its own bathroom. If I am, please let me know because this is just kind of confounding.

I meant to post yesterday, but I had just spent the whole night making sure Fallout 4 would download on our crap Chinese internet connection and basically slept away the rest of the night. Fallout 4 has been installed and it is currently being played with much enthusiasm by my husband. I just bought the expansions for Dragon Age: Inquisition and I finally figured out how to upload the custom world settings. Therefore, I have started a new character. I’m torn between romancing Cullen, the blond good guy, or Blackwall, the brunette resident angst King.

Oh wait.

I’m supposed to be talking about my writing.

Well, shit.


DARK MOON RISING is still going. As is my usual fashion, I am being stupid silly with my overwriting. The WIP is currently at 74k and I’m not even halfway through the story. I’m on the events of Chapter 8 and there’s supposed to be 26 of them.


Actually, what bothers me most is the fact that I’m still on Chapter 8. I’ve been writing this damn thing…how long? There are days when I wished I could just stop writing Tan’s story and move onto something else, but…I just can’t. I need to see this series through to the end, no matter how bored I get with the characters or the story. Honestly, though, I don’t even think it’s boredom with the series that is making it difficult for me to write. I think it’s more…hm…intimidation. At this point in the series, Tan and the rest of the characters are starting to seem more and more like real people to me and my poor, deluded mind and I’m worried about not presenting their story the best way I can. Yeah, that’s right. I’m scared I can’t do justice to their story.

My own characters are scaring me, wtf.

ASURA NIGHT hit an unexpected snag when my editor at the time decided to have a kid and gave me a half-finished edit. I thought I’d put it aside and just concentrate on DARK MOON RISING…but that was, like, half a year ago. DARK MOON RISING is still not finished and ASURA NIGHT is still not finished with edits.

And people say writers are enviable creatures. I think I had more fun writing when I wasn’t getting paid to do it.

Oh well. I’m going to quit complaining and get back to writing.

TLDR; DARK MOON RISING is probably going to get finished by the end of next month and ASURA NIGHT will probably get picked up by a small e-pub because I can’t be bothered to do all the legwork myself, wtfzors (i suck really badly at life).


That’s it.

See you all next time. I hope to post sometime this weekend with more news.

Stay warm and btw, these Starbucks bright red cups seem nicely understated to me.